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Cowboys vs. Redskins: Reaction From Hogs Haven

As you can imagine, our Redskins blog Hogs Haven was pretty excited about the win last night. Our very own Ken Meringolo weighs in on a few topics, including if he thought having Donovan McNabb under center instead of Jason Campbell.

McNabb made plays that Jason Campbell would not have made. Notice I did not say plays that Jason Campbell was incapable of making. But Donovan McNabb is not a study in potential. He is the real deal. He looked a little rusty at times, which was to be expected after his layoff, but his poise and experience kept us alive numerous times last night.

Agreed. With Donovan McNabb you know exactly what you're going to get, and the intangibles he brings to the offensive side of the ball are priceless. He brings swagger.

We looked at the impact Laron Landry last night, Ken decided to talk about a different defensive difference maker from last night; Brian Orakpo.

Orakpo...yeah...uhhhh...we have our guy we are going to base our whole defense on I guess. From my seat in the stands, I focused on Orakpo on many plays and watched him work. He was everywhere.

There were a number of Redskins players who played well last night, and the unit as a whole held a potentially explosive offense to just seven points.

Check out Hogs Haven for even more reaction from a lot of really happy Redskins fans, and get ready to see a lot of exclamation points in the comments section.