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Channel Surfing Guide: September 13, 2010


7:00, MASN: Nationals vs. Braves. Spoiler: Jason Heyward gets a hit tonight. Probably more than one.

7:00, MASN2: Blue Jays vs. Orioles. If you're a Baltimore fan that chooses to watch the Orioles over the Ravens, I admire your dedication.

Pro Football

7:00, ESPN: Ravens vs. Jets. Tonight should be a great game between two legitimate Super Bowl contenders. I'm not sure who comes out on top tonight, but I do know this: Bart Scott will go on some sort of tirade after the game, whether the team wins or loses.

10:15, ESPN: Chargers vs. Chiefs. Watch as the Chargers try to move on without Vincent Jackson while you try to ignore that the Redskins haven't made a trade for him yet.

Good movie, if you're in debt to your significant other

8:00, CMT: Footloose.

Bad movie

7:25, STARZ: Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

RocketMan, starring Harland Williams

RocketMan, starring Harland Williams will not be shown today.