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Albert Haynesworth Plays Sparingly In First Game Of The Year

The story of last night's Redskins game was how well the defense played as a unit, whether Albert Haynesworth was playing or not. Which distracted somewhat from the fact that Haynesworth was on the bench more often than he was on the field on Sunday. According to the Rich Campbell, he only played just over 22 percent of the team's defensive snaps.

Unofficially, Albert Haynesworth played 16 snaps out of 72. He wasn’t particularly impressive, either. He played only nose tackle in the base 3-4 alignment (never defensive end), and he played 2- or 3-technique in the nickel package. He didn’t make a big impact rushing the passer, and I didn’t see him ever dominating his blocker the way he’s capable of.

There were times when the defense was huddling near the bench, and Haynesworth could be seen standing near the other end of the bench, just sort of pacing around by himself. As Campbell points out, he didn't make the type of impact he is capable of making. That's why it was easy to forget about him in an otherwise stellar defensive performance on Sunday.