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Channel Surfing Guide: September 14, 2010


7:00, MASN: Nationals vs. Braves. Poor Jim Riggleman. Would his seat be so hot if Stephen Strasburg was still pitching every five days? It's a question worth asking.

7:00, MASN2: Blue Jays vs. Orioles. Random question: Are Canadians bitter at Baltimore for being the only non-Canadian team to win a Grey Cup? Just curious.

Women's basketball

9:00, ESPN2: Atlanta Dream vs. Seattle Storm. The team that unceremoniously dumped the Mystics from the playoffs tries to even up the WNBA finals at 1-1.

Get to know more about Donovan McNabb

7:00, ESPN: Homecoming With Rick Reilly. Rick Reilly travels with Donovan McNabb to his hometown of Chicago in this week's episode. Sappy? Probably, but it's an hour long show, so there's bound to be at least few fun moments.

What do you do for recreation?

8:00, ABC: Wipeout. If you enjoy people being pummeled senselessly by an obstacle course, this is your show.

9:00, NBC: America's Got Talent. If you enjoy watching talented people show off their talent.

7:45, TV Guide Network: The Big Lebowski. "Oh the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback."

Antoine Walker TV

8:00, Fit TV: Shimmy. Here's all you need to know: