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Morning Commute: Where Do We Go From Here?

Everything you need to know about D.C. sports in one place:

Without checking the pocket schedule in your wallet, can you tell me who the Redskins are playing in week two? There was so much excitement about week against Dallas that it might have been hard to remember that there are going to be 15 more games.

The Redskins will be playing Houston in week two. I'm sure a lot of you got that correct, I'm just saying that nobody was overlooking the Cowboys to prepare mentally for the Texans.

Let's get caught up on the Texans. Houston won it's first game of the season against a division rival that has traditionally been a huge obstacle for them, and is the bane of their fan's existence. That division rival also happens to wear blue and white. Sound familiar?

The Redskins got off to an excellent start with a win against Dallas in week one. But it's a long season, and they can't get complacent after only the first game. It certainly looks like the Redskins are ready for a great season after their stirring week one win; but the Texans are coming out of week one with that exact same type of excitement.

Weeks are short in the NFL, and the Redskins need to forget about week one, so they can be ready for the other team from Texas.

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