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Report: Albert Haynesworth Still Might Get Traded

It just wouldn't feel like a normal day if I didn't have some type of Albert Haynesworth update to pass on. Luckily, Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk has me covered.

[ESPN's Chris Mortensen) reports that the Redskins "could try" to trade Haynesworth through Tuesday, and that the Titans remain the top potential trade partner.

The price had been a second-round draft pick; Mort believes that the Redskins may take less than that.  He says that Haynesworth hasn't learned the Redskins' 3-4 defense and that he doesn't care to learn it.

This thing has to end soon, one way or another. I can't imagine the Redskins want to let this problem hang over them for longer than they have to. And it certainly doesn't seem like Mike Shanahan plans on making nice, and moving Albert into the starting lineup any time soon. Florio also has words from the head coach himself, followed by some wild speculation.

"We had six lineman up for the game. Talking about Albert, Albert played hard.  He's getting more comfortable with the 3-4 scheme every time he takes a rep. Hopefully, he keeps on getting better and better, but he did play extremely hard."

Possible translation?  "If you trade for him, you won't be getting a head case who only plays hard when he's chasing a pot of gold."

Or maybe he means exactly what he said? Wouldn't that be WILD? The truth is, we don't know what Shanahan is thinking, or what the Redskins plan to do with Albert Haynesworth. But the possibility remains that he could be traded this week.

As Mort reported, the Redskins would be willing to talk Haynesworth trade through today, but that they would then like to shift their focus to their week two opponent. So if it's going to happen, it might happen today. We'll have all the updates as they become available