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Baltimore Researching Potential Locations For New D.C. United Stadium, Results Expected In October

The City of Baltimore recently launched a feasibility study to identify potential locations for a new stadium that could move D.C. United about 45 minutes up I-95. But as Craig Stouffer is reporting, we'll have to wait until October before we know the results.

But the City of Baltimore, the state of Maryland, D.C. United and its fans will have to wait a bit longer, as the results of the study are now not expected until October, according to media relations official at the Maryland Stadium Authority.


The City of Baltimore commissioned the study and will make the final announcement. The purpose of the study, as outlined in the Maryland Stadium Authority’s 2010 budget briefing, is to "consider prospects for a 20,000 - 25,000 capacity stadium along the redeveloping Westport waterfront to house DC United, and a 7,000 – 10,000 seat stadium for Crystal Palace, as part of a mixed use, adaptive reuse of a warehouse complex in the Carroll-Camden industrial Park."
The most important part about that is not the date that the study will conclude, but that the study itself is being done. It shows that Baltimore is interested in bringing in the team, and (speculation alert) the team has told them that it is a possibility depending on the location. Otherwise there would be no reason to conduct the study.

Stouffer also points out that the primaries being held today in Washington and Prince George's County might give way to more public talk about the future of the team. Apparently the team has curbed public discussion about a possible move so as not to become an "issue" in the upcoming mayoral election. Once we know who the mayor is going to be, the team will be able to clarify their intentions.