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Morning Commute: Bryce Harper's Timeline

Everything you need to know about D.C. sports in one place.

As we noted earlier, Bryce Harper will be making his professional debut on Friday when he travels to the Nationals' spring training facility to participate in an instructional camp with several other prospects in the organization. He likely won't be playing in any actual games, but it will be the first time that he wears a Nationals jersey and participates in anything more than a showcase batting practice.

So when can we expect to see Bryce Harper in an actual Nationals jersey, playing right field for the parent club? We were all probably spoiled a bit with Stephen Strasburg. A prospect making his major league debut about a year after he was drafted is incredible, no matter what position they play.

We can't compare Harper to Strasburg. Strasburg is a pitcher, who joined the organization with major league ready stuff. Harper is a 17-year-old position player who will be learning a new position in the minors. He might have major league ready power, but the rest of his game will need to catch up before he can take the field in an MLB game.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Harper makes his major league debut by his 20th birthday, which comes in October of 2012. That may seem like a long way off, but it would still make him an incredibly young MLB player. All I'm saying is, the kid is 17-years-old, and Nationals fans will need to show patience while he develops.

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