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Georgetown and George Mason Face Possible Basketball Showdown

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Area College Basketball teams rarely face each other, and when they do it's a treat for fans who have a change to measure the strength of their respective programs. Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner points out that this might change this season, as Georgetown and George Mason have been placed at opposite ends of the bracket for the Charleston Classic, an eight team tournament set to take place the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. Both teams would need to win their first two games to meet each other in the finals, in a tournament that has been previously won by Miami (FL) and Clemson.

While a little known tournament may not be the best opportunity to invest the DMV's interest in a potential local showdown, it does point to a lack of rivalries in the region, and how seldom local teams face each other in the regular season.

Much was made out of the Georgetown-Maryland games that took place two years ago, but nothing has been down to encourage a regular series featuring the two universities. Much hay has been made from the fact that Maryland is unreceptive to the idea due to the Verizon Center being perceived as Georgetown's home court, but that is an argument without statistical merit or faith in local fans.

For now, we will have to console ourselves with the thought of a possible Georgetown and George Mason match-up. Hopefully, the next tilt to take place between two local universities will not be several years in the making.