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Devin Thomas Is Confused About His Role

Many Redskins fans are confused about why Devin Thomas hasn't been a better player than he's turned out to be. He was a high second-round pick that has shown flashes, and unlike fellow receiver disappointment Malcolm Kelly, he's managed to stay healthy. 

Now, you can add Devin Thomas to the line of people confused about Devin Thomas' performance. During a media session earlier today, Thomas admitted he is confused about why he's not playing more. Thomas reportedly did it professionally, pledging to continue to work hard no matter what and showing respect for the coaching staff. But still, he was confused.

Via Rich Campbell of the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star:

"It's confusing to me...about exactly what the coaches plan to do. It's like they kind of hide exactly what's going on. It's tough."    

Thomas said he probably needs to meet with Mike and Kyle Shanahan to clarify his role and get that "defining moment," whatever that means. Erm, yeah, that'd probably be a good idea. In the end, Thomas said this, via TBD's Mike Jones.

"It is what it is," he said this morning before practice. "I'm trying to do my best to get out there and put my best foot forward, stay humble and not be down. But it's hard [watching and not playing], especially this being my third year."    

Kyle Shanahan has said the team wants Thomas to show more improvement in his professionalism and preparation, but Thomas thinks he has done that. Obviously, it hasn't been enough. The biggest lesson Thomas is probably learning now is that it takes more than one summer of hard work to erase an entire career of less-than-optimal work.