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Albert Haynesworth Hampered By Ankle Injury

There is never a shortage of news surrounding Albert Haynesworth. If it's not his conditioning test, it's his time spent with the practice squad. If it's not his diminished role, it's trade rumors. Now, Haynesworth is suffering from an ankle injury that, as Jason Reid reports, limited him in practice on Wednesday.

Defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth was limited in practice Wednesday because of an ankle injury, according to the Redskins' injury report.

It is unclear how much Haynesworth participated in practice as the Redskins began preparations to host the Houston Texans on Sunday. Haynesworth, a two-time all-pro selection, played but did not start in the season-opening victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

So Haynesworth was already practicing less because he wasn't with the first team, and now he is being held back because of an ankle injury. At this point he must barely be practicing at all. Which I imagine is something he is completely fine with.

This is apparently a different injury than the knee ailment that prevented Haynesworth from taking his conditioning test multiple times earlier this summer.