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Report: D.C. United Trades Captain Carey Talley To Red Bulls For Second-Round Pick

Carey Talley is a D.C. United team captain and one of the mainstays of the team's defense, despite just being with the team for a short amount of time. Check that: he was a D.C. United captain and a mainstay of the team defense. According to both Steven Goff and Craig Stouffer, the team has traded him to the New York Red Bulls for a second-round draft pick.

It's certainly odd timing, considering how little time is left in the season. Only a handful of second-round picks from last year are contributing on MLS teams, and the Red Bulls are one of the top sides in MLS, so their second-round pick probably will be near the end of the draft. Perhaps D.C. United wanted to clear some roster and cap space. Perhaps another move is coming. Perhaps they just wanted to do Talley right by sending him to a contender. 

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