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Casey Rabach Admits He's A Dirty Player

The Redskins have a lot of characters on their roster, but few are more interesting than center Casey Rabach. This is the same guy that goes ice fishing and rented an RV for offensive linemen during training camp with former offensive tackle Jon Jansen. You'd think his on-field demeanor would be as laid-back as his off-field personality.

As it turns out, you'd be wrong, at least according to one Dallas Cowboy. According to Brian Murphy of Homer McFanboy (and SB Nation D.C.), Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff feels Rabach is a dirty player, perhaps the dirtiest in football. Ratliff claims Rabach spits in his face, grabs his helmet, stomps on his feet -- anything to give him a little advantage. 

What does Casey Rabach think of this assessment? He agrees.

(Warning: language is not family friendly).

Ratliff says, for his money, you're the dirtiest player in the NFL. He says you'll do anything and everything it takes to try and win those individual battles. What say you?

"Fucking A, I will," he said. "Are you shitting me? Yeah. This ain't fucking tiddlywinks. This is football."

Well then. In case it wasn't clear, Rabach followed up with this:

With a huge grin on his face, as if he was beaming with pride, Rabach then said: "I can neither confirm nor deny those allegations."    

There were so many people saying last week that the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry had lost it's luster because of the lack of hatred on either side. Maybe this new Jay Ratliff-Casey Rabach feud will bring it back.