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Morning Commute: Kyle Shanahan, The Texans And Familiarity

Everything you need to know about D.C. sports in one place.

Redskins Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan spent the last two years filling the same role for the Houston Texans, the team Washington will be playing his weekend.

There has been a lot made of what the younger Shanahan's employment history will mean for the upcoming game, particularly how well the two teams will know each other's tendencies. There are two sides to that coin. Shanahan has exclusive knowledge of the Texans that will help him prepare the Redskins because he spent so much time there, and that the Texans will be familiar with the gameplan Shanahan will institute with the Redskins because it's probably similar to the one he ran in Houston.

I for one, don't believe that this will create much of a competitive advantage for either club. Coaches and assistants watch so much film these days that the Washington staff has probably seen everything that Shanahan would have been privy to while with Houston. I also believe that Shanahan will probably switch up his gameplan for this weekend, if for nothing else than to throw the Texans off. Much like the Texans have likely changed their approach since Shanahan left last year.

The only time Shanahan's involvement with the Texans will matter will be before and after the game, when he has to shake more hands on the opponent sideline than he normally would. Other than that, I don't think it will make much of a difference.

Everything you need to know about D.C. sports in one place.

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