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MLB Also Fines Nyjer Morgan $15,000

In addition to the eight game suspension MLB just handed down to Nyjer Morgan, Adam Kilgore is reporting that Morgan will also face a $15,000 fine.

Nationals center fielder Nyjer Morgan will be suspended eight games and will begin serving his suspension Friday when the Nationals begin a three-game series at Philadelphia, according to two baseball sources. The league also fined Morgan $15,000, Morgan said in a phone conversation.

Kilgore also provides some clarification about the suspension itself.


Morgan had been appealing two separate suspensions: one seven-game suspension for an incident in which he allegedly exchanged dialogue with a fan and threw a ball in the stands at Citizens Bank Park, and one eight-game suspension for three other separate incidents, including his role in a brawl with the Florida Marlins. The league did not reduce the eight-game suspension but completely threw out the seven-game suspension.

That makes sense. There wasn't enough evidence to support the seven game suspension for throwing a ball into the stands, particularly when so many Phillies fans who were there came to his defense. On the other hand, there was simply too much evidence to reduce the eight game suspension at all.

"Mainly, what I'm really happy about is that," Morgan said. "I'm a fan player. When anybody says something about the fans, I get a little disappointed on that one. I'm fans first. I'm just glad to get all this [stuff] over. Now I can focus on doing what I do."