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Half Smokes Hypothetical: Is George McPhee The Best DMV GM?

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Half Smokes Hypothetical is a daily discussion where we throw out a D.C. sports-related question based on the news of the day. It's a hypothetical discussion, which is what makes it fun (we hope).


Barry Srvluga at WaPo  wrote a great article today on George McPhee and his tenure at the helm of the Washington Capitals. McPhee's startling longevity is surprising, given the speed in which DMV franchises turn over their coaching staff and management. Even more remarkable is that McPhee was allowed to oversee a complete rebuild of the Capitals, enduring several ignominious bottoming out years before the Capitals returned to the forefront of the NHL under the banner of superstar Alex Ovenchkin.


But does longevity necessarily equal success? Does Bruce Allen have a more promising future in the DMV than McPhee? Am I underestimating the survival instincts and abilities of Ernie Grunfeld?


Is George McPhee the best DMV GM?