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New Ink For Neuvirth, Varlamov

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Semyon Varlamov and Michal Neuvirth are both young goalies battling for time as the starter for the Washington Capitals. With training camp officially kicking off today, Neuvirth unveiled his new goalie mask; something Varlamov did a few months ago in Hershey.

No piece of sports equipment is more personalized than a hockey goalie's mask. Some masks feature incredible artwork and stunning graphics. I mean who wouldn't want to own Ryan Miller's team USA mask from this past Winter Olympics?

An good goalie needs a good mask so props to these two youngsters for upgrading their headware before they prepare to lead the Caps to a Stanley Cup this year.

We have yet to get a complete look at Neuvirth's mask, but I contend it won't be able to compete with Varly's. What do you think?