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Redskins Vs. Texans: McNabb Leads The Way

Donovan McNabb has thrown for 239 first half yards, the most by a Redskins QB since Mark Rypien’s 259 yard performance against Atlanta in 1991. Meanwhile Jason Campbell has passed for 87 yards and an interception in Oakland today.

Still wondering whether acquiring McNabb was the right move?

McNabb was the player of note in the first half as the Redskins dropped 20 points on Houston, and only punted the ball once. Apprently, these aren’t your usual offensively challenged Redskins.

Defensively, the Redskins have struggled to contain the stretch runnning game of the Texans, but Jim Haslett has dialed up the blitz at all the right times today, sacking Matt Schaub three times and intercepting him once. The secondary is the strength of this defense and they have to be happy they are playing with a 13 point lead.