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Redskins Vs. Texans: After Texans Ice The Kicker, Graham Gano Misses In Overtime

The Texans won the coin toss to start overtime and drove right down the field to the Washington 34-yard line. And while a 52-yard field goal would have been well within Neil Rackers' 55-yard range, Head Coach Gary Kubiak made the controversial decision to punt the ball away to the Redskins rather than attempting a long field goal.

Five minutes later, Mike Shanahan was faced with the same decision. He went the other way.

But it was Kubiak who made another call. He called a timeout from the sideline just before Graham Gano drilled a field goal from 52-yards. The Texans iced the kicker, and it worked. Gano missed the ensuing attempt, and overtime continued.