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VIDEO: Rex Ryan Has Some Harsh Words For DeAngelo Hall

Hard Knocks is a show that gives us incredible access to every aspect of the New York Jets training camp and preseason. That includes the locker room, the practice field, and even the parts of the games themselves we can't see, or hear, when we are watching on television.

There's a lot of, " Well I didn't really know they were going to be talking like that," moments, and most of them come from Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan. Take for example this barb directed at Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, after he tackled LaDanian Tomlinson along the Jets sideline, and got into it a little bit with some of the other Jets players. Here's the video, via Kissing Suzy Kolber.

In case you don't speak smack here's the transcript, from DC Landing Strip:

"Hey, tackle him at the line of scrimmage, you can't tackle him 50 yards down the field. Hey, you ain't here to tackle nobody, what are you talking about? That's why my brother got rid of your ass."

Too mean ...

Rex's brother, Rob, was the defensive coordinator with the Raiders when the team cut Hall eight games into an enormous multi-year contract. This might be a more effective form of harassment if Hall didn't sign an almost equally large contract the following offseason with the Redskins.

Hall got the last laugh though, as he picked off a pass from Mark Sanchez later in the game, and returned it 35 yards.

Then again, I'm not sure there are any actual "laughs" to be had during the preseason. Let's save the hard stuff for the regular season, Rex.