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Albert Haynesworth Inative Against Texans With Ankle Injury

Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was inactive against the Texans on Sunday reportedly because of the ankle injury that slowed him throughout practice this week. The conspiracy theory here is obviously that the Redskins deactivated Haynesworth for other, more personal reasons. Ryan O'Halloran adds fuel to that fire.

Haynesworth was limited in practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after spraining his ankle during the first workout of the week. He was listed as questionable on the Redskins’ final injury report.

The big question now is whether Haynesworth was legitimately injured or the Redskins have finally become fed up with his attitude.

At this point, the Redskins can't do anything with Albert Haynesworth without speculation that it has to do with his attitude and position in the organization. Reports about Haynesworth's ankle injury have been consistent all week, and yet, when he can't play on Sunday questions emerge about the true nature of his deactivation.

This is a great indication of why the Redskins need to part ways with Haynesworth as soon as the possibly can. Every development - if and how much he plays, the effort he displays while on the field, even his disposition on the sideline - is put under a microscope and heavily scrutinized.

If in fact the Titans, or any other team in the NFL for that matter, are interested in Haynesworth, the Redskins need to send him packing. This is clearly a relationship that is beyond repair.