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DeAngelo Hall Wanted To Cover Andre Johnson On Game-Tying Touchdown

The Texans' game-tying touchdown on a fourth and 10 late in the fourth quarter was pretty gut-wrenching for Redskins fans. It looked like the Redskins had sacked Matt Schaub, but he somehow got away to throw a jump-ball Hail Mary-esque pass to Andre Johnson. Because he is awesome at football, Johnson pulled it in for the game-tying score.

But once the shock of the play wore off, many Redskins fans were asking questions. Why was Johnson ever in a one-on-one situation with Reed Doughty? Why was Phillip Buchanan covering Johnson initially? Why didn't Buchanan run back to try to make a play on the ball? 

These were all questions DeAngelo Hall clearly had as well. One day later, the Redskins highly-paid cornerback had an answer to those questions, and he decided to broadcast that answer to the media.

Via 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen:

DeAngelo Hall is upset that he wasn't on Andre Johnson on the TD catch. He says from now on he wantso cover the guy getting the ball.  

If you thought Hall reached this conclusion after carefully consulting with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, you obviously don't know DeAngelo Hall. You'd also be wrong. Via Paulsen again:

When asked if Jim Haslett will sign off on his new plan of covering the opposition's best WR ... ''It doesn't matter.'' 

Why doesn't it matter? Well, Hall did add that "it's my defense," which I guess in his mind means he can just do whatever he wants.

He added, via Ryan O'Halloran:

From here on out, I’m going to wherever the f***ing ball is going. Whereever the receiver is going, that’s where the f*** I’m going.

For the record, I think he's right that the scheme on that final play left a lot to be desired, but there are much better ways to express his displeasure than this. Then again, we're talking about DeAngelo Hall, who tends to speak out about pretty much everything. We really shouldn't be that surprised.