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Channel Surfing Guide: September 20, 2010


7:00, MASN2: Nationals vs. Astros. If the Nationals win by four or more tonight, Washington beats Houston on aggregate score.

7:00, MASN: Orioles vs. Red Sox. Perhaps now the Red Sox are a little more understanding of why the Orioles don't like playing in the stacked AL East.

Are you ready for some football?

8:30, ESPN: Saints vs. 49ers. Drew Brees and the Saints look to go 2-0 while Mike Singletary goes on a rat hunt.

Women's Soccer

7:00, CSN Washington: Freedom vs. Independence. Still jaded by the Mystics disappointing playoff performance this summer? Let the Freedom try to cheer you up.

Movie about Mike Shanahan

9:00, MoreMax: A Serious Man.

Movie about Andre Johnson and Reed Doughty's time together yesterday

8:00, Flix: Brief Encounter.

RocketMan, starring Harland Williams

RocketMan, starring Harland Williams will not be shown today.