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Nationals On Empty Seats: 'We Need To Win Games'

Let's not forget who the low attendance figures at Nationals Park affect the most (after Ted Lerner's accountant, of course), the players on the field. From their vantage point, they could tell that there were fewer fans at last night's game then there normally are, and according to Ben Goessling, they don't blame the fans for not wanting to pay to see them.

Just 10,999 fans watched the Nationals lose to Houston on Monday, and neither Dunn nor Harris could blame the ones that didn't show.

"I feel like, sometimes, me watching us as a fan would probably be pretty entertaining," Dunn said. "I don't know how else to put it. We've got a lot of entertaining guys. But when you look at our record and stuff, why would you come see us, until you actually came and watched? For the most part, our fanbase is pretty awesome."

Said Harris: "Who wants to come out if you're not going to win? We need to win games. Once we start winning games, they'll come out and support us. But until then, we just need to continue to play the game right, and reduce all the mental errors we had tonight."

At least they have the right attitude about it. They could very easily blame the fans for not coming out, but they understand that the only way to draw fans to Nationals Park is to build a winning organization.