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Jim Riggleman Likely To Return For 2011

The Nationals have had a forgettable late summer, losing several valuable contributors to injuries, and stumbling through the last few months of the season. 2011, which once looked like good jumping off point for the Nationals to begin contending, has been postponed until 2012 while Stephen Strasburg mends and Bryce Harper prepares for his MLB debut.

However, one aspect of the Nationals that may not change for 2010 to 2011 is Manager Jim Riggleman, who is expected to return next season to fulfill the terms of his contract. Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post is reporting that the Nationals organization has made a decision about the future of Riggleman, and while they haven't informed the manager of the decision, the terms in which Nationals GM Mike Rizzo spoke of Riggleman were extremely complimentary:

"What we've always liked about, as in-game strategist, he's really good about that," Rizzo said. "He's as good as anybody. We've gone through some trials and tribulations this year, some real highs and some lows - both extremes."

The retention of Riggleman is unlikely to effect the chances of the 2011 Washington Nationals. There was only so much that Riggleman could be expected to do with a fractured pitching staff, and a lineup that could vacillate between feast or famine. The bottom line is that the 2010 Washington Nationals were a team doomed by their health, which is by and large beyond the control of any manager.