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Stephon Heyer Will Fill In At LT If Trent Williams Can't Play Sunday

The Redskins are still hoping that Trent Williams will be able to play through the pain of his knee contusion and sprained toe when the Redskins play the Rams on Sunday. If Williams is unable to play, Stephon Heyer, the man who filled in for Williams after he suffered his injury last week, is the likely replacement at LT. Ryan O'Halloran confirms what we already suspected.

Judging by what players are saying, sounds like it will be Heyer at LT and Brown at RT if T. Williams can't go.

Keep in mind that is not official word from the coaching staff, but couple that with this tweet from John Keim, and it seems like Heyer lining up at LT is all but a done deal.

Fwiw, jammal brown said he hasn't taken any reps at left tackle since camp opened. So makes sense if Heyer is there instead.

Again, this is only if Trent Williams can't play on Sunday, which is something we may not know until Sunday. But just inserting Heyer to play left tackle makes more sense then moving Brown over to that side, even though Brown might be the better player at that position. If you move Brown and insert Heyer at right tackle, that means both of your tackles will be filling a new role, which is not good for continuity on a line that is already struggling this season.