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Mike Shanahan Shoots Down Vincent Jackson To Redskins Speculation

Today is a key day in the Vincent Jackson trade sweepstakes, because after today, the disgruntled San Diego Chargers wide receiver's suspension will go from four to six games. In light of this, a Twitter report by San Diego radio host Lee Hamilton indicated the Redskins were discussing making a move for him.

Washington back in VJ talks....discussing 2-deals simultaneously to get draft picks to send to San Diego

NFL agents tell me Redskins may have deal in place for contract with VJ   

However, Mike Shanahan shot down the rumor pretty emphatically. Here's what he said when asked about it during his post-practice media session today, via 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen.

Shanahan on Vincent Jackson: ''It's a rumor.'' When asked if he wants to put it to rest ... ''I just did I think.''    

It's not like Shanahan was going to confirm the rumors, so stay tuned. However, that's about as noteworthy a putdown as it gets.