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Report: Ryan Zimmerman Likely Out The Rest Of The Season

With only a week left in a lost regular season, this isn't the biggest news in the world, but for those of you still watching Nationals games, they probably will not include the team's starting third baseman. Bill Ladson, a blogger for, is reporting that the Nats will probably hold Ryan Zimmerman out for the rest of the season.

#Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman is not in Monday's lineup vs. Phillies and is likely done for the season because of a rib injury.

I don't think the injury is anything to be overtly concerened about moving forward, I'm sure the long offseason Zimmerman is facing will provide plenty of rest for the sore ribs. The team probably is just giving Zim a week off, as opposed to forcing him to play with a nagging injury.

But whatever the reason, the rest of the Nationals game just got a little bit less watchable.