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Redskins Vs. Eagles: Donovan McNabb Makes His Return To Phialdelphia

Sunday, October 3 is surely a date Donovan McNabb had circled on his calendar. He'll never admit it, because he's too media-savvy to do so, but his first game back in Philadelphia against the Eagles is one he's been pinpointing for a long time. That'll happen this Sunday, when the Redskins take on the Eagles at 4:15.

Already, the hype for the return has begun. Here's a picture of earlier today, via Chris Mottram. The stories are coming in about whether Philadelphia fans should welcome McNabb home. ESPN's Jemele Hill, for example, is sure they won't, and thinks that's a huge problem. McNabb, for his part, thinks they will.

Adding intrigue is the presence of Michael Vick. As Hogs Haven discussed yesterday, the Redskins could have had Vick last season. They passed on him, and Rick Snider of the Washington Examiner, for one, thinks that was a mistake. That's probably using 20-20 hindsight, but it at least adds intrigue to the whole thing.

Check back for all updates leading up to the game in this StoryStream.