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NFL Preseason: Hayynesworth Still On The Field As Cardinals Lead The Redskins 20-10

The Cardinals struck once again in the third quarter with a six yard scramble for a touchdown from QB Max Hall to give Arizona a 20-3 lead, but the Redskins answered on their ensuing possession with a 21-yard reception for a TD by rookie receiver Terrence Austin.

Richard Bartel led the Redskins on an eight play, 78-yard drive, which ended with Austin's TD. Bartel has led both Redskin scoring drives.

The touchdown grab by Austin certainly improves his chances of making the final roster in Washington. His primary competition in Brandon Banks has literally dropped the ball tonight, giving Austin a leg up.

Albert Haynesworth is still on the field in the fourth quarter, meaning the possibility of postgame theatrics is greatly increased.

Stay tuned.