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NFL Preseason: Cardinals Knock Off The Redskins 20-10 In Preseason Finale

The preseason is mercifully over as the Arizona Cardinals have beaten the Washington Redskins 20-10 in a game dominated by roster hopefuls.

The biggest surprise was that Albert Haynesworth played the entire game while every other Redskins starter enjoyed the comfy confines of the bench in Arizona.

Haynesworth appeared less than pleased at his extended stay on the field so the postgame locker room might be a heated one.

QB Richard Bartel led the way for Washington going 12-14 for 125 yards and a score. Terrence Austin was the recipient of Bartel’s TD pass and his five catches for 94 yards might be enough to secure him a roster spot.

The Redskins end the preseason with a 2-2 record.

Injury Notes: LB Robert Henson was having a fine game (seven tackles and a sack) before spraining his knee while OT Clint Oldenburg was helped off the field in the fourth quarter.