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Morning Commute: Albert Haynesworth's Punishment Continues

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I stayed up through the entire boring Redskins preseason game yesterday hoping that Albert Haynesworth would unleash the air quotes again. He didn't, which was mildly disappointing. 

But I did see what Mike Shanahan said after the game was over. Regarding Haynesworth, Shanahan told reporters that playing him the entire game was all part of the plan. Via Jason Reid of the Washington Post:

Asked if Haynesworth was informed he would play the entire game, Shanahan said: "He knew. I think he knew. Coaches said he knew."    

Erm ... really? If Haynesworth knew, then how does one explain all the pouting, isolation and frustration he showed on the sidelines throughout the game? Those images do not show a player who knew he had to go through the entire game. At best, they show a player who did not exactly accept what he was told by the coaching staff.

Hey, I'm all for making Haynesworth go through what he did tonight, and I'm totally on board with Shanahan's motives. I'm just saying that it seems Haynesworth is still being punished for all the stuff he pulled in the offseason. I strongly doubt he fully went along with the plan to play him the entire preseason game.

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