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Washington Redskins Woo Fans With Massive Preparty

In case you have been living under a rock, or have been on vacation, the Washington Redskins will begin play next Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.  But simply waiting for next Sunday's game is not the sign of a true diehard Redskins fan. No, a true diehard Redskins fan will be taking part in Redskins Kickoff Week, a series of events designed work fans into a frothy lather prior to kickoff.

Many of the activities capitalize on "hating" Dallas, as all fans will be encouraged to demonstrate their loathing of the Lone Star State throughout the week. Various Redskins players and management will be making the rounds, and Sunday will see the debut of the parkling lot video boards, where you can catch up on all the action from around the league.

These are all great things, but it lead me to think of some alternate Redskins events that could take this week, and get me equally as fired up for the season.

Without further ado, here are some of my suggestions for Redskins Kickoff Week activities:

  • Daniel Snyder dunktank for disgruntled season fans
  • A "We'll Still Go 7-9" Day
  • Vinny Cerrato Impersonation Day
  • "Trust Day" - An area vote on whether its OK to have an Eagle as our quarterback
  • Albert Haynesworth Memorial Shuttle Run
  • Cult of Colt grief meetings to be held throughout the week