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Nyjer Morgan Suspension Hearing Pushed Back To Next Friday

Nyjer Morgan has received another reprieve of sorts from his imminent suspension stemming from his inciting a riotous brawl between the Nationals and Florida Marlins on Wednesday. A report issued by Bill Ladson of states that Morgan's hearing has been pushed back from next Tuesday to next Friday, coincidentally before the Nationals are scheduled to resume their rivalry with the Marlins.

Also noted in the report is that Nationals Third Base Coach Pat Listasch has received a three game suspension for his part in Wednesday's brawl. Listasch entered to fracas to retrieve his errant center fielder.

There has been much speculation over severity of Morgan's punishment. My reading of the push back is that when a committee needs MORE time to determine your fate, then you should expect he worst. I can see Morgan getting around 15-20 games, or enough of a "cool-off" time so that the Nationals will be able to distance themselves from their troubled center fielder.