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Nyjer Morgan's Reaction To His Suspension: 'They Threw The Book At Me'

Nyjer Morgan's reaction to MLB's decision to suspend him for eight games following a series of incidents last week was calm, contrite and apologetic ... if by that you mean the complete opposite.

In an interview with's Bill Ladson, Morgan disputed the decision, saying "Man, they threw the book at me." Morgan also had this to say:

"What did I do? I feel I haven't done anything. They are blowing this way out of proportion because I'm a hard-nosed player -- because I knocked over a catcher. They throw the ball at me. Come on, what am I supposed to do?"    

The irony in Morgan's words, of course, is that the book was not the only thing that's been thrown at him this week. It remains unclear whether Morgan intended the pun, but if he did, kudos to him.

In all seriousness, Morgan is probably right that he's been punished because of his demeanor as much as for his actions. Unfortunately, that's just how life works, and Morgan certainly isn't helping himself by displaying little remorse in his remarks.