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Saints Fulfill Their Annual Quota By Keeping 1 Former Redskins QB

Last year it was former Redskins quarterback Mark Brunell who rode the bench for the Saints and lucked his way into the Super Bowl. Brunell was released shortly after earning his first Super Bowl ring, so New Orleans had to seek out other ways to fulfill their annual requirement of keeping one former Redskins quarterback every year.


The team decided to make the position of former Redskins quarterback more competitive this year, inviting both Chase Daniel and Patrick Ramsey to camp. Daniel was cut by Washington during training camp last year and has yet to play a single snap in the regular season. But despite those deficiencies, he is apparently still more qualified for the job than Patrick Ramsey, who was cut by the Saints today, along with another former Redskins offensive player Ladell Betts.


Daniel will be the only former Redskins quarterback on the Saints, but he won't be the only former Redskins player. Safety Pierson Prioleau is a key contributor on New Orleans' defense. Sadly, his most famous moment though will always remain the injury that ended his 2006 season on the opening kickoff