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Mike Rizzo Stands By Nyjer Morgan

In light of the 8 game suspension the MLB commissioner's office laid down upon Nyjer Morgan, Nationals' general manager Mike Rizzo has thrown his support towards the currently embattled outfielder.

Via the Washington Post's Nationals Journal:

"Some of the things that he did were disconcerting to me," General Manager Mike Rizzo said. "A lot if it snowballed after that. Most of the incidents I really have little or no problem with at all. They were pure baseball things. But there were a few situations that were unfortunate mistakes by a young, aggressive player who should know better.

"He's never had a problem off the field, outside the white lines. Between the white lines, there's been some issues. But he's been a model citizen off the field, in the clubhouse and in the community. Let's not forget that."

"He's going to be a guy we're going to depend on to play stellar center field for us and hit at the top of the order," the GM said. "When we get good enough to compete for championships, he'll have proved himself in that role or he'll have an opportunity to play himself out of it. Right now, that's the way I view him. It's certainly too early in his career ... to give up on him."

While it is interesting to hear that Rizzo considers it to be too early in a 30 year old player's career to give up on him, it is not completely surprising that he supports Morgan so much.

The trade that brought Nyjer Morgan to the Nationals was Rizzo's first real move as a general manager. He gave up Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan for Morgan and to give up on him now, while Milledge and Hanrahan are both still performing at major league levels, would be a clear admission that Rizzo failed in his first move to improve the team.

Looks as if Nationals fans should expect to see Nyjer Morgan to be in a Nationals uniform for quite some time.