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Report: Albert Haynesworth Might Not Start In Season Opener

Just when we all thought that the continuing saga of Albert Haynesworth and Mike Shanahan was behind us, the situation has suddenly worsened following the Redskins' final preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.

After participating in 89% of the team's defensive plays on Thursday night, three members of the organization told Jason Reid of the Washington Post today that they were disappointed with Haynesworth's performance, along with his effort.

Haynesworth often looked disspirited, according to John Keim, and "failed to adhere to the principles of the new 3-4 scheme," according to two of Reid's sources.

All three sources indicated that Coach Mike Shanahan has lost his patience with the ongoing Haynesworth drama. During practice at Redskins Park Saturday, Haynesworth took part in very few plays, one of the sources said. He was moved back to nose tackle -- he had been working primarily at right end recently -- and removed from the nickel package.

The sources speculated to Reid that Haynesworth will probably not start next Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys, and may even be placed on the inactive list for that game. The decision will be Shanahan's.