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Morning Commute: Today's Maryland-Navy Game Means Everything To Maryland

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First of all, happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you're enjoying your day off. 

As part of that Labor Day, many of you will probably be watching the big Maryland-Navy game at 4 p.m. today. Much has been written about the need to rekindle this local rivalry, so we won't go there. Instead, let's consider the significance of this game for both teams. For Navy, this game is big, but not huge. The Midshipmen's schedule is weak, and they should go to a bowl game regardless of what happens today.

For Maryland? This game is pretty huge. In his predictions column today, our own Scott Jackson wrote that a win today would "set the tone for redemption." I totally agree. But let's consider the alternative. If a win would set the tone for redemption, would a loss set the tone for frustration?

I think so. With West Virginia coming up in a couple weeks, the Terps could really use a marquee win to carry them through the ACC. If they lose this game, I find it hard to believe they can beat West Virginia. At that point, assuming a win over Morgan State, Maryland will be 1-2 with the ACC season coming up. With a new athletic director in place, you have to think the pressure on coach Ralph Friedgen will be even more insane than it is now. Under those circumstances, I find it hard to believe Maryland will be good enough to make a bowl game. 

That's why a win here is so important. Everyone, from Kevin Anderson to Gary Williams, is watching. A win gets everyone off the teams' back. A loss just makes the monkey even heavier.

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