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Maryland Vs. Navy: Andre Byrd Gets Navy On Board With 10-Yard Touchdown Run

You figured Navy's offense was too good to be held scoreless for long. Sure enough, they got into gear, running off a long drive capped by a 10-yard touchdown run from Andre Byrd. They now trail Maryland 14-7.

The Terps had a golden opportunity to end the drive one play earlier. Byrd had a long run, but fumbled at the end of the play. The ball squirted toward sophomore linebacker Demetrius Hartsfield, but instead of diving on the ball, Hartsfield tried to pick it up while standing upright. The ball went out of bounds, giving it back to Navy, and Byrd ended up scoring on the next play.

In case you were wondering, Navy has thrown one pass the entire game. Maryland? None. No wonder we're already in the second quarter.