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Maryland Vs. Navy: Adrian Moten Leaps Over Offensive Line, Forces Turnover At Goal Line

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Maryland needed to do something to prevent Navy from tying the game at 14. The Midshipmen had methodically rushed down the field, converting a 4th and 8, among other plays, in a seven-minute drive that got them to the goal line.

And then linebacker Adrian Moten made the play of the game. Channeling LaVar Arrington, Moten leaped over the offensive line to sack Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs and force a fumble that was eventually recovered by defensive back Antwine Perez. It was a stunning play that had to be a huge backbreaker for Navy. After all that work getting the ball down to the goal line, the Midshipmen ended up getting nothing.

Navy now has the ball back, but thanks to Moten's heroics, they still trail 14-7.