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Report: Andray Blatche Will Be Ready For Camp

It's been about six weeks since Andray Blatche broke his foot, and according to team sources and the man himself, his recovery is going well; from Michael Lee.

Andray Blatche assured me in a text message today that he will be ready when training camp begins. Blatche had his boot removed about 10 days ago, Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld said on Monday.

Some minor clarification ...

Although Blatche has been riding a bike and working on the elliptical machine in recent days, Grunfeld said he has yet to be cleared to participate in basketball related activites. Grunfeld added that Blatche was able to keep down his weight despite limited mobility.

"He's making good progress," Grunfeld said, without committing to a time when Blatche would be back on the court. "But we're not going to rush."

You always want to have a full roster for training camp, but it's good to see the Wizards are going to be patient, and bring Blatche back slowly. You don't want to start the season off with a nagging injury, especially on your foot.