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Reaction From Testudo Times

Once the guys who run our Maryland blog, Testudo Times, were able to pick their jaw up off the ground following Maryland's win, they provided some immediate reaction. Here is some of what they had to say.

Maryland started off the game like gangbusters: two drives, zero recorded passing attempts, 139 rushing yards, and two TDs. The Terps entered the second quarter winning 14-0, and could've been up by more had they taken advantage of a few of Navy's mistakes.

After that, it was Navy all the way. The Midshipmen's time of possession was pushing 40:00, twice as much as Maryland's 20:34. The Middies had 485 total yards; Maryland had just 271. The Terps' offense did little to nothing, and Navy rolled.

Except when they entered the red zone, also known as the Fumble Zone. Seven times they entered the red zone; a missed field goal, two fumbles, the end of a half, and a turnover on downs later, they scored only twice. Maryland's defense, supposedly the Terps' weak point, saved the game.

Maryland's rushing offense looked good enough. Navy's defensive line is small enough to make anyone temper their reactions, but 255 rushing yards is pretty good against anyone. Da'Rel Scott had his moments and Davin Meggett was one of the Terps' stars. What's really troubling is Maryland's passing attack; all confidence in Jamarr Robinson should be lost, as he went just 3-6 for 16 yards and an interception and looked constantly flustered in the pocket. Of course, that's why Danny O'Brien entered the game, but we'll hit more on that later.

For now, all you need to know is that Maryland's defense is better than we thought, they need to find a QB of the future, and, most importantly, they won their season opener.