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Kevin Anderson Formally Introduced As Maryland's New Athletic Director

The University of Maryland formally introduced Kevin Anderson as its new athletic director in a press conference today at noon. It remains unclear exactly when Anderson will officially begin his tenure, but he should get started in the near future. 

Anderson reportedly sidestepped a number of questions that hit right at many of Maryland's key issues, according to Patrick Stevens of D1Scourse. However, he did mention the importance of keeping all coaches in the loop at all times.

"You'll always know what the score and the time is," Anderson said. "There's not going to be any surprises, because if there are surprises, I haven't done my job and people that I work with haven't done their job. So we're going to be very clear. The coaches are going to be involved in everything we do."

Anderson also said he met with all the different coaches today, and added that he hopes to make the Maryland-Navy game a more regular event.

Afterwards, Gary Williams, for one, was supportive. Here's what Williams wrote on his Twitter account earlier today.

I would like to welcome our new Athletic Director Kevin Anderson to The University of Maryland. I am looking forward to working with him. He's a great addition to the department and to the university.