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Report: Redskins Talking To Titans About Trading Albert Haynesworth

The Albert Haynesworth saga has dominated the entire Redskins' preseason and has yet to go away, even though Week 1 is on the horizon. That said, while it still has been unclear how the Redskins plan on using Haynesworth on the field, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that he would actually be on the roster on opening night.

Until now. After passing on several trade opportunities around draft day, the Redskins have reportedly put Haynesworth back on the market. ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting the Redskins are in talks with the Tennessee Titans to move Haynesworth back to his former team.

Exhausted by the distraction and lack of effort from Albert Haynesworth, the Washington Redskins have once again gauged trade interest in the defensive tackle from his former team, the Tennessee Titans, according to team sources.    

The Titans reportedly remain interested in Haynesworth, but have balked at the Redskins' asking price of at least two draft picks. Considering the kind of preseason Haynesworth just went through, you'd think the Redskins would have to lessen their demands significantly if they really want Haynesworth off their squad.

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