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Jeff Fisher: Titans Would Consider Trading For Albert Haynesworth

When asked about his team's interest in trading for Albert Haynesworth, Titans coach Jeff Fisher admitted, reluctantly, that the team would consider trading for the big defensive tackle; from Nashville's City Paper, via Hogs Haven.

“If they’re willing to look into the possibility of dealing him, of course we'll listen to them,”

Which sounds nice and direct, like the team is already having internal discussions. Now I'm feeling good about moving Haynesworth ... until.

“We listen to those types of things almost every day."

Oh, so you don't have specific interest in Albert Haynesworth, you're just going to run the same due diligence you run on your every day trade proposals? That sounds far less promising. Darn. 

And from the Redskins perspective; Rick Maese reports that General Manager Bruce Allen reasserted the stance that the organization has taken all along.

Bruce Allen says tonight nothing to report on Haynesworth. Team's stance is unchanged: They aren't trying to trade him.

Even less promising; denial, denial, denial. No matter what the conclusion, there is starting to be a lot of smoke around this Haynesworth situation.