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Manute Bol Is Your Wizards NBA Jam Legend

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The rosters for retro-arcade smash NBA Jam were released today for Eastern Conference teams. Fans of the Wizards will get to control John Wall, Gilbert Arenas, Andray Blatche and Yi Jianlian (Yi Jianlian!?). As a special surprise, certain teams also get a "Legendary" player, which means that shot blocker extraordinaire Manute Bol will also be "ON FIRE" for the Wizards this fall.


Part of me believes that Electronic Arts could not pass up the opportunity to put of the tallest and gangliest players in NBA history into its video game. Another part of me wants to believe that Bol was added because of the size of his heart, which had a greater love for humanity than most. A third part of me (a whole lot of division going on) cannot believe that Electronic Arts missed out on the opportunity to include Mugsy Bogues and capture the spirit of the greatest height disparity ever to set foot on an NBA court.


Other Wizards legends receive short shrift, as the fundamentals of Wes Unseld evidently don't translate well to video game form. In fact, no legendary player included in the game thus far is from a period earlier than the 1980s. However, one would think that EA would throw the Wizards a bone and at least give us Bernard King or Tom Gugliotta.


Still, the Wizards make out better than the Bucks, whose only additional player to suit up for their team is their mascot Bango.