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Report: Redskins Seeking Second-Round Pick For Albert Haynesworth, Titans Only Offering Fourth-Round Pick

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Talks between the Redskins and the Titans about Albert Haynesworth appear to be continuing, and now, we have some idea of what exactly is holding up the potential trade. According to Jim Wyatt of The Tennesseean, the two sides are haggling over the value of the draft pick the Redskins would receive in return.

The Titans and Redskins initially discussed a Haynesworth trade in April during the NFL Draft, with the Titans offering a fourth-round pick.

Round 2 began over the weekend as the Redskins again gauged interest from Haynesworth's old team, but Washington is believed to be seeking at least a second-round pick, and the Titans aren't willing to go that high.

The Redskins' asking price is higher now because Haynesworth's contract is more affordable now that he has been given his $21 million roster bonus. Two rounds does not seem like much of a discrepancy in this negotiation, but we'll have to see if either side is willing to budge from their positions.