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Livan Hernandez And The Nationals Have An Early, 12:35 p.m. Start Against The Mets

Quick turn around today for the Nationals. After facing the Mets last night, the Nats are up early today because they have those same Mets in an early 12:35 p.m. start today.

Washington sends out Livan Hernandez who struggled mightily in his last start against the Pirates on Friday, when The Big Man gave up eight runs in just 4 1/3 innings. So that means he had a low pinch count, right? Silver Lining!

Knuckle baller R.A. Dickey will be pitching for the Mets. He has the most old timey Western name in Baseball, and the facial hair to back it up. You can tell he's a knuckle baller just looking at him.

The Nationals went from 13 runs against the Mets on Monday, to being no hit through six against a pitcher making his Major League debut on Tuesday. Their inconsistency is pretty remarkable, actually. We'll see which Nats team shows up against the Mets this afternoon.