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Clinton Portis Had A Lot To Say This Morning

The NFL Season is about to start. I can imagine that the Redskins have some pent up energy they are excited to expend on the field Sunday against Dallas. You can tell Clinton Portis is jacked up, because he gave an "I'm ready" rant for the ages this morning, as read in a series of tweets from TBD's Mike Jones.

Portis on low key preseason: "Thats a good thing. Before it was all negativity, people complaning about me not wanting to practice." ... "I actually feel younger at this point than I have in some time." ... Portis says he's not trying to please anyone ... Portis: "Although y'all want me to be forgotten about, I'm still here." ... on the locker room: "It's like a family. In yrs past, it was everybody went home 'i'll see you tomorrow at work' But now we hang out" ... on concussion "I think that was a blessing, and helped you realize how much you enjoy being on this field." ... on last yr "I could've been a better teammate

Lots to digest there. We'll take it fragment by fragment after the jump.

-A low-key preseason is always a good thing. No news is good news. You can't win a team in the summer, but you can lose it .. and other pseduo Lombardi-isms.

-Clinton's problems so often come down to his, and I'm going to borrow a soccer term, fitness. If he can keep it together physically, he can be a productive back. It'd be nice if he at least stated the season healthy.

-Ok, so he's not trying to please anyone. This is taking a little bit of a turn, now.

-(Assuming he's talking to me) We don't want to forget you, Clinton. We want to forget watching you watch the game from the sideline. Definitely into the "I'll show you" territory now. Which isn't always a bad thing.

-Awwww, that's nice.

-As funny as I find this statement about his concussion being a blessing to be, I will hold back. I know when I'm on the line, and i don't want to fall off it.

-Football is a game of redemption and short memories. Even if you were a bad teammate last year, that can all be forgotten if you play well, and change your ways in the locker room. It's literally, that easy.

All good stuff. Just the right blend of being physically ready to play, and mentally ready to rip someone's head off. I like his mindset going in.